Quality Assurance

Paiboon Products Co., Ltd. highly aims for food safety by using global standards, including
GMP&HACCP which were both certified by BSI Group, to ensure that all the products of ours meet the quality control and standards of Thai Law for all production processes.
Paiboon Products Co., Ltd. has “Halal Food” certification to cater for our Muslim customers. This conheres the standards of Halal production according to Islamic Rules, including Food Source, Preparation, Processing, Packaging, Transportation and Storage of Food Products.
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Paiboon Products Co., Ltd received an Environmental Management System (EMS) certification, including Production, Delivery, Distribution, and Waste Management with eco-friendly methods.
Green Industry II
Paiboon Products Co., Ltd has been certified by the Ministry of Industry as a Green Factory (Second Tier). Our company places great importance on environmental impact and therefore puts emphasis on carrying out various activities in reducing our footprint.