K.P.foods Co., Ltd.

K.P.foods Co., Ltd. is located on 68/1 Moo5, Sumpatuan, Nakhonchaisri, Nakhonpathom 73120, Thailand. The company was founded since November 14, 2011, with the capital registration of 20,000,000 THB by MR. PAIBOON PATTANAWANITKITKUL and MS. KHWANCHIT YUNGYEUN as founders and operators. The company’s area is 17,600 square metres.

K.P.foods Co., Ltd. is a leader of 5 production lines as follow :

  1. Corn Snack production line under brand “Nom Tang” “Roller Corn” and “Top”.
  2. Wafer Plate production line under brand “Big Well” and “Yofer”
  3. Wafer Stick production line under brand “Ping Ping” and “Rainbow”
  4. Biscuit and Cookie production line under brand “Allpine” “KPF” “Mae Mali” “Fundee” “Prodee” and “Nga Hom”
  5. Prawn Snack and Cracker production line under brand “Fuchi Cute” and “D4D”

K.P.foods Co., Ltd. has a number of food specialized employees, who are professionally trained to assure that the producing method for producing snacks products are according to the qualified standard. The company has also built a laboratory (LAB) to check products quality before distributing to local stores for our customers and consumers. In order to make sure that the consumers are able to purchase the quality and well-produced products, K.P.foods Co., Ltd. ensures that all the materials used in the productions are clean and quality at all time. Furthermore, the company has been numerously certified for its quality by GMP, HACCP, and HALAL standard.

Currently, we have more than 300 employees to produce quality products. Our policy is “Aiming to produce quality products with the cleanest method to satisfy consumers’ need and trust”.